Mitzi Bockmann, Certified Life Coach

Hey ladies! Imagine how it would feel to be happy with your life, to feel healthy and strong, to have your relationship flourishing and a career that you love.

I am a NYC based Certified Life Coach who offers personal life coaching for women. Working together, we can create the happiness that you crave in your life – even if your days are chaotic, jam-packed and exhausting.

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Have your life dreams disappeared because
you don’t feel physically or mentally healthy?

Do you struggle with lack of productivity?
Perhaps difficult relationships are holding you back?
Do you feel like you could do so much more with your career?

Does every day suck you dry and keep you from
delivering your best to yourself and those you love?

Do you…
…want to be physically and mentally healthy, for yourself and your family?
…want a deeper connection with your partner?
….want to get more organized and be more productive?
…want a career that is doesn’t leave you depleted?
…want strong, nurturing friendships?
…want happy and well adjusted kids?

Then it’s time to….
…take a good look at all the areas of your life.
…define what is serving you and what is not.
…make a plan to fix what isn’t working.
…to take the next steps towards your goals
…start living the life that you have always dreamed of and build healthier relationships as a result.

Luckily, here I am...
…to support you in taking stock of your life.
…to guide you in designing a plan to reach your dreams.
…to hold you accountable each step of the way.
…to help you be healthy and productive, happy in your relationship, with a job you love.

Are you ready for BIG CHANGE? Let me know….

How I Help You Reach Your Dreams


I believe that if we live the life of our dreams it will have a positive effect on everyone around us. All it takes is a little awareness and a willingness to take action. I am a mental and physical health, personal relationship, parenting, and career life coach for women. Let me help you change your life NOW! Here’s the process …

  • We talk, via phone or Skype, and get to know each other, share a few womenhood stories, so that we can work together in a meaningful way.
  • You complete a personal assessment so that we can both get a clear picture of what your life looks like.
  • We choose an area of your life to start with and we make an action plan to make that dream come true.
  • We meet regularly and begin to implement a personalized plan so you can start realizing your dream.

Make BIG CHANGE NOW. Contact me and let’s you get started.

Success Stories

I spent months talking to a psychotherapist with no results. The moment, I started talking to Mitzi, I began piecing my life back together from what felt like no-return. She listened, she suggested and she helped me devise and carry out a plan for my own success….

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She is always accommodating and encouraging. I would’ve spent years trying to fix what had become a mess of my life without Mitzi. If you’re looking for that encouraging voice of reason to help you get through or get to the next phase of your life, call Mitzi. I can’t say enough about how far I’ve come since I met her.

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I started working with Mitzi at the beginning of 2017. I was at the cross-roads of several major transitions: my marriage, career, parenting, and moving to another state. I felt like I had really crashed and had nothing left. In my professional career and other parts of my life, I am the…

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person who people come to for advice and encouragement and I just didn’t feel like I had a person in my life who I could turn to. I am so grateful that I found Mitzi. She has been an amazing life coach who has exceeded all my expectations. She is focused, insightful, understanding, and encouraging. In Mitzi I feel like I’ve found someone who can really help me see the path through the forest so to speak. She is an expert communicator and a true empath. The difference it can make in your life when you have someone who is truly supportive, an active listener, and someone who works with you to create specific action steps to get where you want to go is amazing! I would definitely recommend making this small investment in yourself as the rewards are great.

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My experience working with Mitzi has improved my life in many ways. From our very first session to now (3 months in) I’ve always left feeling a greater sense of empowerment and energy to tackle the challenges we outlined together. Every time we talk I see myself…

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accomplishing goals that I had previously believed were out of reach. She is consistently the catalyst in my successes and without her I would likely be stuck in my old ways of letting my surroundings determine my actions instead of actively choosing a better outcome for myself. She is constantly the conversation topic of family dinners and coffee chats with friends. I truly believe everyone should consider the positive impact a Life Coach can have!

Contact Mitzi NOW and let her help you too!


Get Happy NOW with a

Let Your Dreams Begin Strategy Session

Do you want to get physically and mentally healthy? Do you want to fix your relationship and have a job that you love? Do you want to be more productiveDo you want to improve the lives of those around you in the process?

I will help you get started with a 1-on-1 personal coaching session, free of charge, where we will have a woman to woman talk. We will start to….

identify where you are now in your life.
…define where you want to go with your dreams.
…get excited about how we will get you there. Fast.

To take advantage of this special 50 minute call, free of charge, and get you on a path to a healthier, happier and more fulfilled you, fill out the form on the right. There are only 3 appointments available each week. My staff will get back to you within 2 business days to make your appointment or add you to the waiting list!

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Mitzi Bockmann, Certified Life Coach, with her family

About Mitzi Bockmann

I truly believe that a woman’s happiness affects not only herself but all those around her: her partner, her kids, her friends, her co-workers.

I believe that if a woman is living the life of her dreams, her life is peaceful, purposeful, and powerful. Her relationships will be happier, her children better adjusted, her friendships stronger, and her work more successful. It is with this belief that I started coaching. Together, we work to identify your dreams and then make a plan to reach out and grab hold of them.

I am a New York City-based Certified Life Coach with 51 years experience as a woman and 10 years as a working life coach. I am certified through the Coach Training Alliance and I am a member of the International Coach Federation.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of women like you who recognized that they needed to make serious change in their lives. These women have succeeded at, among other things, restoring the love in their relationships, finding more meaningful work, getting themselves organized and more productive and making time for themselves in their busy lives.

I am committed to making life coaching affordable for every woman by offering coaching sessions and follow up at a very reasonable price. And no contracts required!

I love where I am emotionally and physically and have a career that is flourishing and makes my heart sing.  I have two very tall, red-headed children who are both off at college and who I couldn’t be more proud of. I have lived all over the world and been around the block a few times!

I would love to work with YOU, to help your dreams come to fruition, to better your life, and that of those around you, so that you can be happy. Imagine how that would feel. Pretty amazing, right?

Reach out to me TODAY by clicking this link or email me at and we will start you on your journey to make your dreams come true.