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science of a toxic relationships

Why We Stay: The Truth Behind The Science of Toxic Relationships

Probably 95% of my clients come to me because they are in toxic…
stages of a dying marriage

10 Easy-To-Miss Stages of a Dying Marriage

Many of my clients come to me wondering if their marriage is…
my wife yells at me

When Your Wife Yells at You: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

Marriage is hard. Very hard. And unfortunately, there are times…
reasons to avoid having an affair with married man

10 Reasons to Avoid Having an Affair with Married Men

For many people, they might seem obvious the reasons to avoid…
why women stay in abusive relationships

Why Women Stay In Abusive Relationships Even if They Know They Should Leave

I recently read a headline about a woman who was abused who had…
helping your partner with depression

How to Help Your Partner With Depression – Even if They Don’t Want You To

There is nothing worse than having a partner who struggles with…
How to Know if You're in an Unhappy Relationship

When Happiness Fades Away: 10 Signs You’re Unhappy in Your Relationship

Did you wake up this morning dreading the day and wondering why? Did…
psychological facts about cheating man

10 Psychological Facts About Cheating That Might Surprise You

If you are considering an affair or have a partner who is cheating…
having sex with your ex

8 Things You Should Know About Having Sex With Your Ex Before You Do It

For a long time, I have told people that having sex with an ex…

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