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About Me

Meet Mitzi Bockmann – a certified life and relationship coach who can help YOU make big change in your life.

About Me

Meet Mitzi – a certified life and relationship coach who can help YOU make big change in your life.

Mitzi Bockmann is a certified Life Coach with 10 years experience helping people find happiness in life and in love.

mitzi bockmann

mitzi bockmann

I am certified through the Coach Training Alliance and I am a member of the International Coach Federation.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of people, like youto help find the love that they desire. These people have succeeded at, among other things, restoring the love in their relationships, letting go of love and moving on, getting to know themselves again and finding their place in the world.

If you are in a relationship that is struggling, let me help you develop tools to make it stronger. If you are working with letting go of someone who doesn’t love you, I am the person who can help you get through it and move on, to find the love you want.

If you need to rebuild your self-esteem after a toxic relationship, I will stand by your side as I guide you, step by step, to get to know yourself again.

My course, 4 Weeks to Letting Go of Love and Moving on, could be just the thing that you need to move past the pain of your break up and find the life you want.

4 weeks of daily activities will help you let go of the pain, get to know yourself again, start to look forward to the future and get you back out there to find love again.

Personally, I have been to hell and back but I love where I am right now, having found joy and self-confidence through building a business that is flourishing and raising two very tall, red headed children who are going to change the world. I also have an amazing man with whom I share my life who I never would have found if I had given up along the way.

I am committed to making life coaching affordable for everyone by offering coaching sessions and follow up at a very reasonable price. And no contracts required!

In addition to my coaching work I blog regularly. My thrice weekly blogs have been syndicated to the Huffington Post, MSN, Prevention Magazine, PsychCentral and others.

I would love to work with YOU, to help you repair a damaged relationship or to let go of a love that only hurts, so that you can find the love that you have always wanted.

Imagine how that would feel. Pretty amazing, right?

Let’s get you started on your journey rediscovering joy and self-confidence.