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still miss your ex after a year

5 Reasons You Still Miss Your Ex After a Year

You are not alone if you still miss your ex after a year. I know…
survive after your boyfriend cheated

5 Ways to Survive after Your Boyfriend Cheated

Are you reeling from the discovery that your boyfriend cheated…
mother in law damage your marriage

5 Ways Your Mother In Law Can Damage Your Marriage – Even if She Doesn’t Mean to

When I got engaged, I remember so well when a friend of mine…
social media can kill a relationship

5 Ways Social Media Can Kill a Relationship Before it Even Begins

I can’t tell you how many times I have to tell my clients that…
happy again after a break up

5 Things to Do to be Happy Again after a Break Up

If you are reading this article I am guessing that you are trying…
getting married but unsure

5 Things to Consider if You are Getting Married but Unsure

Good for you for looking for things to consider if you are getting…
fake it til you make it when feeling sad

7 Ways to ‘Fake It Til You Make It’ When You are Feeling Sad

So many of us, myself included, find they have to ‘fake it…
things your kids learn when you cheat

5 Things Your Kids Learn When You Cheat

I know that it feels like an affair is between grown ups and…
being codependent in your relationship

5 Signs that You are Being Codependent in Your Relationship

Are your friends telling you that you are being co-dependent…

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