‘Been There, Done That’ – A 3 Minute Video Series

These 3 minute videos, full of information gleaned from years of experience as a relationship coach,
will help you find, and keep, the love you want.
Check them out now and start living and loving fully.

5 Steps to Letting Go of Love and Moving On

Are you struggling right now with horrific pain after a break up? Would you do anything to let go of this pain, get past your person and move on to find love again?

Let this episode of my 3 minute video series ‘Been There, Done That,’ help you to let go of the pain of your broken heart and move on!

You can also check out my course 4 Weeks To Letting Go of Love And Moving On if you want to go deeper and get past your pain, rebuild your self- esteem and move onto find the love you want.

How Not To Choose The Wrong Person Over and Over

Do you find that you choose the same person over and over and over and over? Do you find that you are constantly dealing with disappointment and a broken heart?

How would it feel to stop picking the wrong person and to start choosing people who will make you feel loved and special? Who you can love wholeheartedly and not be hurt by.

It is possible! This 3 minute video will show you how to stop choosing the wrong person and guide you towards choosing the right one!

5 Signs You Are Having An Emotional Affair

I know that most people think that emotional affairs aren’t as bad a sexual ones but I would argue that they can, in fact, be more damaging.

It’s important to look for the signs of an emotional affair so that you can make a conscious choice going forward about what happens next.

It is possible! This 3 minute video will show you how to identify if your friendship is in fact an emotional affair and if you should be careful.

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