5 Reasons You Need A Life Coach?

When we get married and have kids no one gives us a manual on how to be an effective spouse or parent. As a result we are more often than not just winging it. We check websites, talk to our friends, listen to our mothers but really we are just flying by the seat of our pants, trying to follow our instincts. And we do the best that we can.

Imagine having someone walk by your side, whispering in your ear, encouraging you and supporting you through those tough life decisions. A life coach can do that for you.

#1 – To feel less torn in a million different directions and more whole.

The key role that a life coach plays in the life of a mom is to help identify opportunities and make a plan. Many moms are so caught up in the day-to-day struggle of getting things done that they lose sight of the big picture. When working with me, instead of winging it, a mom is working a daily plan, one that helps her reach her goal as she defines it, a plan that she has helped create so she knows that it will work for her.

One of my clients was completely overwhelmed by her life…managing her work, both at home and at the office, her kids, her volunteer work and her friends. We took a good hard look at what was important to her and what was not so much and we made a plan to manage those things in a way that left her more satisfied, less torn, and happier.

#2 – To feel less exhausted and more energized.

Imagine going to bed each night and waking up each morning knowing how you are going to get through your day. You know how you are going to take care of yourself so that you can manage this crazy life of yours and not come undone. Imagine how energizing that will feel. You are no longer flying by the seat of your pants, something that leaves you feeling completely drained. This will happen if you identify your opportunities, make a plan and work through them.

Kris knew that she would have to get rid of her farm because the chore work was more than she could handle with the work around her family. She was devastated because her farm was the best part of her day. We looked at what it was about her farm that was so overwhelming and she kept on coming back to her back pain…a pain made more intense by her farm work and made her less able to care for her family. We made a plan for her to see her doctor and get PT and within six months she was able to farm AND take care of her family. She said that attending to that one thing, her back, was life changing for her.

#3 – To feel supported and heard.

You have lots of friends, a loving partner, siblings and co-workers who all make you feel supported and heard. But all of those people have lives of their own that they have to attend to and they are more likely than not going to tell you what you want to hear. Not a life coach. I am here to provide you unconditional support when you need it most. And I will listen to you and empathize but I will challenge you on your thinking, to make sure that the choices you are making and the path you are choosing is the right path for you.

#4 – To improve your relationships.

Life as a mother is chaotic, jam-packed and exhausting. We are pulled in a million different ways and, often as not, we are crabby as hell. We snap at our kids, sulk at our partners and ignore our mothers. All of these things do not improve our relationships. Working with a life coach will allow you to define your goals, give you a path to get there and ultimately give you the life of your dreams. And when you are happy your children will thrive, your relationship flourish and your career will soar. Everybody wins!

#5 – To hold you accountable and help you celebrate.

The best thing about a life coach is that I will hold you accountable in reaching your dreams. I will be there, by your side, supporting you step by step and if, for some reason, you falter I will pick you up by your bootstraps and get you back on the path. And then, when you reach the life of your dreams, I will be there to help you celebrate because I will know, more than anyone, how hard you have worked to achieve it. Imagine how good that will feel, reaching your dreams.

I know it’s hard to believe that you deserve one, but remember this: if a woman is living the life of her dreams, her relationship will be happier, her children better adjusted, her friendships stronger and her work more successful.

Have you had experience working with a life coach? If so, did it work for you?

If you’re a woman and you are thinking about working with a life coach, please contact me for a free 45-minute phone session!