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How To Manage Feeling Depressed After A Breakup

Are you feeling depressed after a breakup? Were you in a relationship that end recently and, whether you wanted it or not, do you find yourself alone now and feeling depressed, hopeless that you will never be happy again? Let me tell you that you aren’t alone – that there are many women out there […]

Can You Let Go Of Love And Still Find Happiness?

Are you thinking about getting out of a relationship that isn’t serving you and are you wondering if you can let of love and still find happiness? It’s a scary thing – letting go of someone. You have invested so much time and energy into the relationship and letting go feels like quitting. There is […]

5 Mistakes that People Make After A Breakup

There are so many mistakes that people make after a breakup. The pain and change that happens quickly after a breakup often throws people off balance so that they do things that they might not otherwise do. And those mistakes can cause huge problems both with your ex and your self-esteem. Trying not to make […]

Feeling Depressed All The Time? How To Know When It’s Time To Get Help

Are you feeling depressed all the time? Are you not enjoying your life? Do you wish that things could be different? Are your friends are telling you that it will pass. To snap out of it. But you are wondering if you can? Are you wondering if it’s time to ask for help? There are […]

How To Prevent A Toxic Relationship From Ruining Your Life

Are you in a toxic relationship? Are you struggling big time and recognizing that this relationship is ruining your life? Many of us are in toxic relationships, ones we can’t escape, ones that are keeping us from living our full lives, from living and loving and being our best self. We only have one life […]

How to Move On After Letting Go of Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back

Are you struggling after letting go of someone who doesn’t love you back? Have you walked away from someone you loved because you know they don’t love you? Do you know that you did the right thing but are you still struggling with the pain and self doubt? I get it. I have been there. […]

How and Why Establishing Boundaries Before Marriage Can Build A Stronger Bond

Have your friends been telling you that establishing boundaries before marriage is a very important of a successful marriage? Do you want to have be happily married but do you have NO IDEA what boundaries are and how and why to set them up before marriage? Let me help! To understand healthy marriage boundaries look at […]

The Difference Between Letting Go of Someone and Giving Up

I can’t tell you how many of my clients tell me that letting go of someone is impossible because they don’t want to give up. They believe that if they can just keep trying, the person they love will finally be the person they want them to be and they will live happily ever after. […]

Surviving Online Infidelity: Are Cyber Affairs Any Less Harmful?

Are you struggling with surviving online infidelity? Has the person you loved strayed from your relationship by corresponding with another person online? Are you wrestling with your feelings and not really sure if what you are feeling is okay? Are you wondering if maybe you shouldn’t be as upset as you are because it’s just […]

Feeling Depressed with a Newborn Baby? 5 Reasons to Get Help Now

It’s a scary thing, feeling depressed with a newborn baby. You had expected this to be the happiest time in your life – you were finally going to be a mother and everything was going to be perfect. Unfortunately, for some mothers, feeling depressed after giving birth is a reality. And it can be really, […]