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Signs of a Toxic Marriage that Seem Totally Normal

Are you wondering if you are in a toxic marriage? Do you look at around at other marriages, feeling like your marriage is just like theirs and yet you wake up every morning unhappy and spend your days wondering what is wrong with you that you are feeling this way? When we get married, no […]

Am I in Love? 5 Ways to Know.

Have you met a guy? Maybe the guy? Isn’t romance grand? The long late-night conversations, holding hands as you walk through the park, the butterflies that you feel when you see him. It’s all so wonderful. And scary. Opening yourself up to someone can be terrifying. Letting down your guard to let a man into […]

5 Things You Must Know About Surviving Infidelity PTSD

Have you recently (or not so recently) discovered that your partner is having an affair and are looking to understand how surviving infidelity PTSD is possible? Many people are surprised that infidelity can cause PTSD but it is true.  Discovering infidelity causes significant trauma, trauma akin to physical or emotional abuse, death of a child […]

Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship – Red Flags that You Shouldn’t Ignore

Are you looking for warning signs of a toxic relationship because you are wondering if you are in one yourself? Sometimes we are too close to a relationship to recognize the signs that it has turned into something damaging. Our friends and family tell us but it’s hard for us to recognize because we are […]

What to do when Boundaries are Crossed in Marriage

Marriage is long and difficult and when boundaries are crossed in marriage it can be disastrous. A vital part of marriage is trust and when established boundaries are violated a marriage can breakdown. So, it’s very important that, when boundaries have been crossed, it is dealt with right away. How? Let me help. #1 – […]

How To End a Relationship Without Regret

Are you wondering how to end a relationship without regret? Are you mostly sure that the person you are with is not the person for you? Are you desperate to figure out whether you are doing the right thing? Are you fully aware that if you don’t do this right you could leave your person […]

7 Warning Signs of Depression That You Need To Know

Are you wondering what signs of depression look like? Are you feeling not yourself and wondering if you are depressed? Below a list of 7 warning signs of depression that are important for you to know right now! The earlier you diagnose depression, the easier it is to treat. #1 – Hopelessness. Are you struggling […]

Why Does Love Hurt in a Relationship? 5 Surprising Reasons.

Why does love hurt? I mean, seriously. Love in the movies is full of roses and sunshine but, for some reason, in real life it’s different. Being in love means being in pain. Maybe not all of the time but certainly some of the time. Many people are in pain because they are actually being […]

25 Toxic Relationship Quotes To Help You Move On

I truly believe that one of the best ways to successfully get out of a toxic relationship is with support from others who have shared in the same experience. To that end, I have gathered 25 toxic relationship quotes to give you the inspiration and support that you need to get yourself out of a […]

What I Learned About Suicide Contagion When My Friend Killed Himself

Last week, a very dear friend of mine killed himself. We went to high school together and reconnected 20 years later when our kids played soccer together. His wife is one of my closest friends and, while I knew he struggled with addiction, I never truly understood how deep his depression was. I have lived […]