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5 Helpful Tips For Setting Boundaries In Your Marriage

Have you just walked down the aisle with the most amazing person and are you now looking for helpful tips for setting boundaries in your marriage? Good for you for being proactive and let me help! Healthy boundaries are very important in any healthy marriage. But what are boundaries, exactly? To understand healthy relationship boundaries, […]

What To Do When You’re Feeling Depressed, Isolated And Lost

Has your life gotten to that place where you are feeling depressed, isolated and lost all the time? Are you feeling hopeless, alone and full of dread and worried about what the future will hold? If you are, I am so sorry. Being depressed and feeling alone is a horrible place to be! Fortunately, there are […]

Why Your Guy Says He Doesn’t Love You But Keeps Coming Back

Do you have a guy who says he doesn’t love you but keeps coming back? Does he tell you that it’s over and walk out only to return a few days or weeks later, smiling and charming? Is this happening over and over, leaving you confused and unhappy? This tendency, to declare that you don’t […]

5 Strategies For Surviving The Guilt Of Infidelity

Have you recently had an affair, or perhaps are you in the middle of one? If you are I know you’re struggling, looking for ideas for surviving the guilt of infidelity. I have had many clients who have had affairs and, while from the outside they might seem sexy and exciting, from the inside they’re […]

Why Does Letting Go Of Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Hurt So Much?

Why, oh, why does letting go of someone who doesn’t love you hurt so much? Why do we struggle so much to accept that our relationship is over and to just move on? A few years back I was in a relationship with a man who didn’t love me anymore. He told me over and […]

5 Things to Know About Marriage Before Your Wedding Day

Are you getting married? Congrats! And now you are looking for things to know about marriage. Good for you! Marriage doesn’t come with a manual. I wish it did. Because after the vows have been said, the doves have been released and the dress has been put in dry storage, comes marriage. And as much […]

What to Say When You Are Depressed & Someone Asks How You Are

You know that moment when you are depressed and you are out in the world because you have to be, even if you’d rather be at home under the covers, that moment when someone, known or unknown, asks how you are? And you think yourself : Well, how the hell do I answer that question? […]

Why Making Peace With Your Ex Is The Doorway To A Happier Life

If you had told me a few years back that making peace with your ex was even possible I would have laughed in your face. My husband left me six years ago for his college girlfriend. We had been married for 20 years and one day he decided that he was just done. Or, rather, […]

5 Things You Can Do To Show Your Woman You Love Her

Are you madly in love and want nothing more than to know what you can do to show your woman you love her? Good for you for knowing how important this is and making the effort to find out what the best way is to do it. Having been a life coach for many years, […]

Getting a Divorce? Here’s What You Need To Do First.

So, your marriage is over and you are getting a divorce. It’s been a long, sad slog but you know now that it’s done. The question is – what is next? You haven’t been through this before and you have no idea what the next steps should be. Divorce can be hellish – everything that […]