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toxic relationship can make you sick

5 Ways a Toxic Relationship Can Make You Sick

I know that it’s hard to believe but a toxic relationship can…
let go of love during the pandemic

Why It Is So Difficult to Let Go of Love During the Pandemic

Is your relationship struggling and are you wondering how you…
knowing each other's love language

Why Knowing Each Other’s Love Language Can Make Your Relationship Stronger

I remember so clearly back in 2011 when I first learned about…
feel like your life is falling apart

Why You Feel Like Your Life Is Falling Apart in Month 6 of Covid-19

If you are like me and many of my clients I am guessing that…
keep your relationship healthy

5 Everyday Things You Can Do To Keep Your Relationship Healthy

Like most people, you want to keep your relationship healthy…
what is an emotional affair

Are You In an Emotional Affair? 5 Seemingly Innocent Things that Signal YES

Are you in a friendship with someone outside of your relationship…
make a difficult conversation easy

5 Ways to Make a Difficult Conversation Easy in Your Relationship

Tonight, I have to have a difficult conversation with my spouse…
nice ways to break up with someone

5 Nice Ways To Break Up With Someone So You Don’t Break Their Heart

I know – ending a relationship is one of the hardest things…
succeed at finding love

5 Reasons Why Being Yourself is the Best Way to Succeed at Finding Love

Many people have a hard time believing that being yourself is…

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