5 Ways Being Happy Will Change Your Life

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So you are living a life in which you are not happy. I mean, you are FINE but really, you think, what is the big deal? Is anyone REALLY happy? Your life is busy and chaotic but you are fine, your job is fine, your family is fine.

I would argue that you are not so fine. Your happiness is not only affecting yourself but affecting those around you.

#1 – Your behaviors will change.

People who aren’t happy act not happy whether they know it or not. They are impatient, crabby, distant, distracted, quick to anger, easily frustrated. The list goes on and on. People who are happy, on the other hand, are rarely those things. They are far more patient, present and calm. They don’t live in a state of constant agitation, as an unhappy person does, so they aren’t quick to react negatively to a given situation.

#2 – Your attention span will improve.

You might not know this but people who are unhappy have shorter attention spans. When you are unhappy it is very difficult to focus on things, big or small. The mind is constantly agitating and that makes it impossible to focus well on any one thing. People who are happy actually have better brain function than people who are unhappy which leads to better comprehension and retention.

#3 – You will smile.

Smiling is an amazing gift to the human race. The physical act of smiling actually improves the smiler’s mood instantaneously. And if you smile at someone that person’s mood improves as well. So if you are happy you will smile more and you will smile at more people and they will be happier and you will be making the world a better place.

#4 – Your health will improve.

People who are unhappy are unhealthy, again whether they know it or not. Unhappiness takes a dangerous toll on one’s heart, one’s blood pressure and one’s internal organs. People who aren’t happy don’t sleep well and lack of sleep can actually lead to insanity. One of my clients always had terrible tummy pains. When she resolved her problems with her husband her tummy pains vanished.

#5 – You will be more successful at work and at home.

People who are unhappy are generally unable to give their all to anything, not their work nor their family. They are just too drained by their unhappiness to really thrive. People who are happy bring that into their lives everywhere. One of my clients found happiness and her relationship with her co-workers improved to the extent that she was chosen as employee of the month for the first time ever.

So there you are, 5 ways your happiness will change your life. If you think that you are the only person being affected by your unhappiness- you are wrong. If you do your work to reaching your dreams you will be happier and so will those around you.

For help becoming more happy and fulfilled with your life, please contact me through my website for a free first-time session.

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  1. Kenn
    Kenn says:

    There’s a happy book out there, forgot the name. But one thing from it stuck with me …

    The world is brighter, you’re decisions are better, you handle other people better when you’re mood is high (happy).

    Learnings -> when your mood is low, avoid any serious work, interactions or major decisions.

    And that when our mood is high is the right time to apply ourselves.

    And to be patient with others when they are in low moods.

    And to make the effort to create those good feelings with people as this will lift our moods.

    Thanks for sharing this Mitzi and reminding us of the importance to nurture our happiness. How? Perhaps a blog on some things you’ve done with clients. 😉


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