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5 Reasons to Love Your Mother-in-Law, Even When It’s Really Hard

Are you desperately seeking reasons to love your mother-in-law? Does it seem really, really hard some days? When you get married, more likely than not, you also get a mother-in-law, the woman who raised your partner. And quickly there can arise conflict between you. She raised your partner and is used to things being done […]

5 Reasons You Need A Life Coach?

When we get married and have kids no one gives us a manual on how to be an effective spouse or parent. As a result we are more often than not just winging it. We check websites, talk to our friends, listen to our mothers but really we are just flying by the seat of […]

5 Little Ways for Women to Feel Healthier, Even if Life Always Seems to Get in the Way

Every day moms take care of everyone else. That is just what we do. We make sure the kids are loved, fed, bathed and supported. Likewise our partners. We do our best to carry our share, or more, at work and always try to be a shoulder to cry on for our friends. What we […]

5 Ways to be Super Productive – Even if it Doesn’t Seem Possible

So there just aren’t enough hours in the day, are there? There are school lunches to be made and buses to be caught and meetings to attend and dogs to be walked and homework to be done and mothers to be called and TV shows to catch up on. The list is endless and impossible […]

5 Ways to Make your Husband Feel Loved

Being a mom and a partner can be tough. From the moment that your child is born all your genetic material calls to you to make this child your priority. To make sure it survives in this perilous world. Unfortunately, it is this exact thing that can create a huge divide between you and your […]

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Thrive, Even if Life Is Chaotic, Jam Packed & Crazy

When our kids are born they are little pieces of perfection. We look at them and promise that they are going to have the perfect life, that we will be the perfect parent, that the life challenges we faced they won’t have to. Wouldn’t it be lovely if it really turned out that way? We […]

The 5 Best Things You Can Do for a Friend, Even if You Feel Like You Have Nothing Left to Give

One of the most important pieces of true happiness is intimate connection, good friendships. The care and keeping of a friendship is not always the easiest thing to do, especially with the chaotic life that comes with being a mom, but with a little consciousness and action it can be made easier. Below you will […]

5 Ways To Really Be Heard, Even if Feels Impossible

Do you sometimes feel like you talk and you talk and nobody hears what you are saying? Do you find yourself saying the same things over and over again, just trying to be understood? It doesn’t have to be this way. Being heard, and listening, are keys to a happy life. In this article I […]

5 Ways Being Happy Will Change Your Life

So you are living a life in which you are not happy. I mean, you are FINE but really, you think, what is the big deal? Is anyone REALLY happy? Your life is busy and chaotic but you are fine, your job is fine, your family is fine. I would argue that you are not […]

The 5 Greatest Challenges to Reaching Your Dreams

What are the 5 Greatest Challenges to Reaching Your Dreams? You know that you aren’t satisfied with your chaotic, jam-packed life. You wake up in the morning drained and dreading the day. You are impatient with your friends and co-workers because you have too much on your mind. You yell at your kids when bedtime […]